'Dear Zindagi' is a barrier breaker movie, normalizing psychotherapy.

2016 released, the Gauri Shinde’s film ‘Dear Zindagi’ is mainstream Hindi movie describing key stages in psychotherapy. This movie broke the barrier where it has showed that therapy is normal and the need to seek expert’s advice when it comes to mental health is absolutely fine.


Therapy is something that many Indians of all ages are shy away from participating due to lack of awareness and stigma attached with mental illness.


'Dear Zindagi' showed the audience that how a well educated, young and independent woman who is outwardly normal, did not hesitate to seek help when she needed it. Media and cinema plays a very crucial role in influencing people.


'Dear Zindagi' definitely helped in changing people’s perspective towards mental health and therapy. This movie shows real image of mental health which helped people to adapt and understand real image of mental health and importance to get it treat and seek help for the same.


Mental Illness is a important issue and there is need to talk about it openly. Talk whoever makes you feel comfortable, but at least talk about it. You don't need to struggle in silence.

Taking help of psychotherapy is normal and it is one of the most effective way to get rid of mental problems for long run.


Don't be ashamed of what you are going through, instead stand strong and talk about it, talk to people who care, take help of psychotherapy and counselling.


What do you think about the careless attitude of people towards mental health?