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Deconstruct Brightening serum first impression


Retails for Rs599 for 30ml

Available on Amazon and on deconstruct website

It comes in a glass packaging with a dropper


First of all I really love the formulation. The reason why I was interested in this brand was they combine actives and give us as a single product because of which we need not layer and layer products. Generally one single active doesn't completely combat issues, it requires atleast 2 actives to work with each other.

This serum is a combination of two wonderful skincare actives Niacinamide and Alpha Arbutin at 10% and 0.3%.

Niacinamide is a multi tasker, it has a number of skin benefits. Check out my niacinamide post to know more.

Alpha Arbutin is a tyrosinase inhibitor which mean it decreases the production of melanin. It brightens skin and reduces hyperpigmentation


I prefer to use this serum in morning as niacinamide is a antioxidant. I layer it with my vitamin c serum for maximum benefits. The serum spreads easily, you just need two drop for ur whole face. Don't forget sunscreen.


Reduces hyperpigmentation and dark spots

Works on tanning and freckles


Wonderful combination of actives

Considering the formulation and quality, it's actually affordable

Fragrance free


The only con I have is I didn't like the dropper, the dropper can be better.


As said this is only a first impression. I have been using it for 10 days. Honestly it's a small time phrase for a serum to work. But I did notice difference. I don't have tan and frekles so I can't comment on it. I noticed a nice glow from 4th use onwards. It worked on my new pimple marks in a week time, it lightened them and the difference was visible which quite impressed me. I am pretty sure after 4-6weeks the serum will show it complete effects. I am satisfied with the serum for now. Full review will come up after a month or two. This is my first purchase from deconstruct and I am definitely gonna try more.


Will I suggest this? Yes I do,it's a really good product for those with dark spots, sun spots, pigmentation and tan.


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