From Deepika Padukone to Irrfan Khan - celebs who entered Bollywood against their parents will

Unlike people who are born in a film family and know everything about Bollywood from the inside out, it's hard for an outsider to convince their parents. In a normal middle-class family in India, parents think of making a career in cinema as risky, out of reach, and impractical. So here are some celebs who entered Bollywood against the wish of their parents.


Kangana Ranaut - Kangana has often stated in interviews how she ran away from home at the younger age of 16 to pursue her dreams. She initially wanted to become a doctor but her eventual realisation as well as her bitter relationship with her father led her to leave the house.


Deepika Padukone - The daughter of badminton player Prakash Padukone, Deepika was bound to step into the shoes of her father. She started playing badminton because of her father but later realised her calling and told her mother about it.


Irrfan Khan - The late actor Irrfan had mentioned in an interview that his parents, especially his father didn't want him to join Bollywood and wanted him to join the family business instead. Because of this, Irrfan had to initially lie to them about doing films and tv series.


Pankaj Tripathi - He is one of the most popular names in films and the OTT space but Pankaj's father wanted him to become a doctor. It took a while for him to convince his father that he wanted to pursue acting.