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Delhi High Court REFUSES to stay the release of movie based on SSR's life!

The movie titled "Nyay - The Justice" was not stayed by the Delhi Hight Court yesterday whose trailer released back in March.

With the release of the trailer, the movie saw friction from both the audiences, SSR fans and of course his family. The movie stars Shakti Kapoor, Zuber Khan and Asrani as lead roles and is due to release tomorrow, i. e. 11th June.

The petition to stop the release was filed by Sushant Singh Rajput's father Mr. Kishore Singh who had said in his filing that the movie was shot without the consent of the family and was portrayed in an orchestrated manner by confidantes of persons accused of a role in the death of the actor.

He further said that the release of this movie will hamper SSR's image and his family's too and will also cause mental trauma to the family, further it also states that they want a compensation of Rs. 2 Crore from the producers in order to fill the loss of reputation and the harassment the entire family has to go through.

Pertaining to this, the Delhi HC overruled the petition and have not stayed the release of the movie. Nyay is releasing tomorrow, but the platform is still unknown.

What do you think? Are you satisfied by this decision of the Delhi High Court? Will you watch Nyay? Tell us!


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