Dharam Paji wins heart with his message at a time when PRs curate celebs' Twitter

Every Indian felt a lump in their throats after we saw Mohammad Siraj teary eyed before the start of the second test in Australia. After he was targeted basis on racial remarks, things got tougher for the cricketer who was already coping up with the loss of his father. He conquered against all odds and ended the series as India's highest wicket taker. Yesterday we saw visuals of young Siraj at the burial site of his father.

While the country stood with him, it was veteran actor Dharmendra's heartfelt note for Siraj that made us all the more emotional. He tweeted a message for Siraj and praised him for his struggle while consoling him for the death of his father. This tells something about our very own Dharam Paji.

At a time when every celebrity's twitter is carefully curated by PRs, Dharmendra's message for Siraj felt like he had written it himself. That was such a touching gesture. Respect

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Posted by BollyLover . 4 hours ago
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Bollywood Binge
Posted by Jiya . 5 hours ago
For me it has to be Anushka Sharma and Shraddha Kapoor. I don't necessarily dislike Shraddha, I just dislike her fans. They can be a bit much at times. When it comes to Anushka, I used to be a huge fan of hers but like after 2018, things went downhill.
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D0ggy Pukev!lla : Deepika Ranveer. Deepika coz she's a PR made actress, no acting talent, overrated and hypes herself up. Ranveer for similar reasons and also for pretending to be an outsider, his strong PR team shields him from the repercussions of his stupidity.
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Posted by Smriti Mishra . 6 hours ago


Now I see the pattern! After Alia's announcement, obviously, the 'Bollywood Aunties' now had to target those actresses as well who have got married in recent years and for what??

For not being pregnant as soon as they got married. Chances Of getting pregnant after 35 are not 'rare' as you yourself said that many celebrities go for having kids later in life. And for god sakes stop guilting women into becoming mothers before they are ready!!! Anyways human race will not end if some of us opt out of it. Even, normal women are delaying pregnancy and this can expected to go on with increasing education and economic level of the country. None the less unlike previous generations we are not having kids as a biproduct of having sex, we have kids after a careful planning, only when we really want them, and afford them.

So I don't see a reason why actresses are being trolled now after Alia's pregnancy.

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FR€€ $P!R!T : People should celebrate all these 3 different kind of women. Katrina's tracjectory shows it's better to get married late in life but marry the right person for you. Deepika delayed her pregnancy and chose her career over it. Alia normalised pregnancy at 29 (for actresses) and will shatter the norm of motherhood affecting the career. Even Priyanka should be celebrated for having a baby through surrogacy at 39. Neither is everyone's life nor their life choices same.
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Posted by Bebo . 8 hours ago

Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor are expecting their first child. As Ranbir does not has his own social media account, Alia posted a picture of the couple looking at the monitor that shows the baby's heartbeat. Ever since then Alia and Ranbir have been in news for good and for bad. There has been a viral picture of Alia Bhatt's pregnancy photoshoot going viral. After fact-checking, it has been proved that this news is fake. 

Alia did not do any such photoshoots. Someone had photoshopped Alia's old picture with a baby bump. I don't think so soon Alia's baby bump will also be shown. There are still a few months or so left for her baby bump to grow. People should respect the couple and give them their privacy.

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Alexis : The picture of the pregnant lady is Sameera Reddy, she did an underwater photoshoot while she was pregnant with her second child, a girl called Naira. I follow her on Instagram, the video clips of her two kids, her son Hans, Naira and her fantastic mother in law which she aptly named Sassy Sasu is hilarious, fun and heartwarming. Google Sameera Reddy's pregnancy photoshoot, this picture and some others will pop up. As soon as I laid eyes on the picture, I remembered it immediately as Sameera's, I googled on the net to confirm it. It is Sameera's picture.
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Posted by Aashna Sheikh . 8 hours ago

Alia Bhatt's fans are excited, to say the least. One after another, there's good news coming their way. First, it was Alia and Ranbir's wedding, then Alia's Hollywood debut, Brahmasthra trailer, Rocky Aur Rani Ki Prem Kahani, and now the couple has announced their pregnancy. Right now, Alia is shooting in London for her Hollywood debut, 'Heart Of Stones. There are so many nosy people out there who are interested in knowing if the film is going to get delayed or if the actress is going to rest. Today, Alia Bhatt has put everything to rest. She mentioned in her story that nothing is going to get delayed. It's good to know, that now people won't speak about it and poke their nose where it's not needed. What do you think about it?

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Alexis : Surprise suprise, Gal Gadot who is Alia's co star was in the early stages of her pregnancy with her second daughter Maya while shooting Justice League and it carried over to the first Wonder Woman, she was even five months pregnant when she had to reshoot scenes for Wonder Woman and was experiencing morning sickness on set. It's now out there that Alia is expecting, am positive she will have Gal's support during these beautiful phase in her life. Meryl Streep was nursing one of children when she was working on the movie She Devil. There you are, no career is getting ruined.
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Posted by You know me . 8 hours ago

If you haven't already watched this series, you seriously need to watch it as soon as possible. The story, the chemistry between actors, the music, everything about this series is just perfect and everyone is going crazy over it, so why not you as well?

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D0ggy Pukev!lla : Ritvik Sahore is a great actor. Varun and Ranveer needs training from him
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Posted by SRKfan . 8 hours ago

Deepika Padukone has always been in the razor if Ranbir Kapoor or Alia Bhatt are mentioned. The parties have moved on but not the fans. After Alia Bhatt announces her pregnancy, instead of just being happy for Alia, now people are trolling Deepika Padukone. 

Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt got married on 14th April 2022, whereas Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh got married on 14th November 2018. People are trolling Deepika Padukone for not planning for a child. I mean how is that even fair? It's a personal choice and here people have crossed the line. Wanting a child or not and when is a personal matter and just because Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt have decided to have a child, it does not mean Deepika Padukone should be trolled for that. Ever since the actress has been trolled, her fans have backed up and have asked people to "back off". 

One of the users tweeted, "People dragging Deepika and Katrina for not having kids just because Alia Bhatt is having a child at 29 is exactly what is wrong with our society." Clearly, this user is not saying anything wrong.

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FR€€ $P!R!T : Yes I have seen some memes on Deepika and Katrina too for not having babies, on a lighter note memes are fine because they aren't supposed to be taken seriously. But after a lot of road blocks Indian society is finally on verge of normalising a 30 y/o unmarried woman, becoming mother in mid or late 30s for prioritising career. Priyanka was trolled for similar reasons for becoming mother through surrogacy at 39. Let's celebrate every kind of woman, let's not regres backwards.
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Posted by Straight Talker . 9 hours ago

Shahrukh Khan has always been one of the most humble and down to earth actors in Bollywood but after the whole Aryan Khan case it's a rare sight to see the actor and whenever we see him on the internet he is the most humble guy you can ask for. Thoughts?

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Posted by Straight Talker . 9 hours ago

Vidyut Jammwal meditating in snow. Thoughts?

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FR€€ $P!R!T : This is insane ! Spine chilling !!
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Posted by Smriti Mishra . 9 hours ago

With Alia Bhatt's pregnancy announcement, the internet has been going crazy! Over the mixed reactions that one can see over the internet, it can be clearly noticed that while some are happy about the news, the others are kind of targeting Alia Bhatt for it. People are mentioning reasons like, 'Pregnant at 29', 'Too soon, 'Is she even ready for this?' and my favourite one, 'what will happen to her upcoming movies?'

Seems like more than Alia's family, the 'Audience Aunties' are more concerned about Alia's pregnancy. On one side actresses are trolled for late marriage, double marriages, late pregnancies and failed careers, on the other side there is also this audience who can literally make comments about someone's pregnancy at a pretty normal age and call it 'Too early to be a mother!!' Like seriously??

This clearly shows how misogynistic and sexist our society has become. Sexism is pretty much a fact of life for women. Sometimes it is serious and overt, for example when you are passed over for promotion or blamed for your own sexual assault, but mostly it's small cuts that happen day after day. Harassment in the street, being interrupted or ignored in conversation, facing judgement about your appearance, and so on. Outright misogyny is a different thing. As Stephanie Vardaras said, the Internet has cast a light on the misogynists and given them a voice. I don't know where or how they hid pre-Internet.

What are your thoughts on this? Let me know in the comment section, please.

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D0ggy Pukev!lla : It's stupidity more than misogyny. There are some ppl that can make Ananya Panday look mildly intelligent. Alia usually ignores trivial stuffs like this but she's had enough
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