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Did Aamir Khan quit social media because he expected hate over his divorce with Kiran Rao?

Remember how the Laal Singh Chaddha quit social media recently? I didn't think much of it when the news did the rounds, because he said he didn't use it much anyway and would rather keep his privacy. Now looking at how him and Kiran Rao announced their separation, I was wondering whether Aamir thought it was best to leave social media before things escalated.

With Twitter trending with him and Fatima Sana Shaikh's rumoured affair, and Kangana Ranaut taking digs at interfaith marriages, I can see why he'd want to avoid that toxicity.

Just think about it. His take on intolerance in India faced so much backlash when social media wasn't as big as today. He'd have to experience the hate twofold online now. Also him and Kiran said that separation had been on the cards for a while so that time period coincides exactly with when Aamir left social media.

What is your take?


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