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Did Ananya Pandey Rush Her Debut To Race Ahead of Suhana Khan?

Ananya Pandey and Suhana Khan have been best friends since they were kids. I didn't realize Shahrukh Khan was so close with Chunky Pandey, god knows how that happened. Anyway, Ananya came into movies straight out of school, whereas Suhana, has gone to study film at NYU before she returns to India to debut into Bollywood. But, why didn't Ananya do the same? There was that entire scandal about her lying about her USC admission. If she really did get in, why didn't she go? I have a theory that Ananya wanted to debut as soon as possible and establish herself as a leading actress before Suhana debuted. If both Ananya and Suhana had debuted at the same time, Ananya would barely be getting any films or spotlight, because duh Suhana is SRKs daughter- she would grab all the attention. This is just my theory, but who do you think would have done better if they debuted together, Ananya or Suhana?


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