Did Blackpink's Jennie really shade K-media in her newest Instagram post?

Blackpink is having a busy month. All the members are busy with the solo and sub-unit projects, they also have 4+1 Anniversary project to focus on. Jennie and Rosie were busy with their collaboration project in LA, Jisoo is busy with her new Drama "snowdrop" and Lisa is busy shooting her Solo MV.


Jennie and Rosie returned to Korea very recently and the Queens are already busy being Pretty savage.

Jennie updated her Instagram account with her crop-top photos and captioned it "Can I be Your pink?".

Blinks were so happy to get an update from her, then suddenly one Blink noticed that recently K-Media did an article on "Why Crop-tops are controversial in Korea" and how the public thinks that it is inappropriate clothing to wear.

The article directly mentioned Blackpink's Jennie and Rosie, and how these idols are seen mostly in crop-tops.


Blinks were quick to notice that Jennie is wearing a crop top in the recent update and praised her for being fearless and standing up for herself.  A fan wrote “Jennie throwing shade at kmedia for finding crop tops “controversial”. Queen behaviour only!”


Another Blink noted all the times Jennie shaded the K-media “Remember when Jennie threw shade at kmedia in her 2018 Gaon SOLO performance, then threw shade by wearing censored pants after the LSG scandal, and now she shared images of herself wearing a crop top after Koreans thought she was “controversial”. We love a shady queen.”


What do you think? is it a shade or not?