Did Katrina become a fitness freak because of Salman?

We all know how much Katrina Kaif loves to hit the gym. She loves to train and maintain a fit physique. She has a regress workout routines and called these routines 'Madness'. You might also have heard other Bollywood stars praising her dedicated to stay fit and hit the gym regularly. But this wasn't the case right from the start! When she initially joined Bollywood, Katrina wasn't such a fitness freak. It's only a few years ago, probably after her hit dance number Sheila ki Jawani when she started maintaining and focusing more on her physique. Some fans think it's because of Salman Khan's influence. We all know Salman is equally a dedicated gym enthusiast. They were together for a long time and it's quite acceptable to think he would have motivated her. Do you think this is true?