Did the 'Lookalike' label trouble Zareen Khan and Harman Baweja?

Zareen Khan stated in an recent interview that being called Katrina Kaif's lookalike didn't work in her favour. She also expressed that she would have been very happy for the same, if she weren't in Bollywood. According to her, it was the media who started this labelling.

Just like Zareen, there is another actor who was labelled similarly- Harman Baweja. He is often called as Hrithik Roshan's duplicate. Even he had revealed that such comparisons affected him.

This might have added to their existing stress to establish themselves in this industry. The two tried their best to create their unique identity but it was difficult.

In this industry, where looks sell, what will happen if your look resembles to another star? In such case, you would never wish to be labelled as someone else.

Do you agree with Zareen Khan?