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Did Rumours Help Disha Patani and Kriti Sanon To Enter Bollywood’s Inner Circle?

Disha Patani and Kriti Sanon are two outsiders who have tried their best to stay in news to increase and maintain their popularity. The two have followed similar trends towards their popularity. They both debuted in Telugu film industry before entering Bollywood. Kriti Sanon’s first co-star in B-town, Tiger shroff is rumoured to be dating Disha. Similarly, Disha debuted in Hindi films with MS Dhoni biopic, which starred late Sushant Singh Rajput, Kriti’s Ex.

It is believed that, to have a greater success rate, you need to be a part of big group of B-town, which consists of influential B-town personalities. Once an actor manages to enter that circle, it is supposedly easier for him/her to sustain there. So, if any outsider wishes to join this team, he/she needs to buckle up and find different way to succeed. For Disha and Kriti, it was their alleged linkups. Soon after their debuts, rumours started flying about their relationships with actors who already belonged to the big group. The actresses kept denying these stories, but the stories were so popular that the two rose to fame. Usually, an outsider has to toil to prove his/her worth, but sometimes, rumours act as a charm.


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