Did Sabhyasachi take over Manish Malhotra's popularity in Bollywood?

Nowadays when it comes to stitching all celebs wedding lehengas everyone in Bollywood has been contacting Sabhyasachi instead of Manish Malhotra!

Earlier, before Sabyasachi, there was only Manish Malhotra who was the sole designer for their weddings or movie outfits. But suddenly Sabyasachi became the most wanted designer in Bollywood and outside too! Whereas Manish Malhotra lost his charm over the years!

All the celebs who got married recently, selected Sabyasachi over Manish for their wedding dresses, for example Anushka Sharma, Deepika Padukone and now Katrina Kaif is also picking Sabyasachi for her December wedding!

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