Did Salman Khan make way for Sooryavanshi because it might bomb at the box office?

Rohit Shetty's action flick 'Sooryavanshi', is all set to hit the theatres on 5 November after being stuck for more than a year. The film, starring Katrina Kaif and Akshay Kumar is expected to bring back audiences to the theatres. Another update is that Salman Khan's 'Antim' was earlier going to release on the same date.

But Rohit requested him to push his release date as Sooryavanshi needs a solo release. Salman, being the generous fellow he is, agreed. Antim will release on 26th November and Shetty's cop flick is the first major Bollywood film since the pandemic began.

But knowing that people are still apprehensive about rushing to a theatre, and the ticket price is expected to rise, do you think Sooyavanshi might turn out to be a flop? This far-sightedness might be a reason for Salman to not risk Antim. What are your thoughts on this?