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Did Sara Ali Khan find Harsh Varrdhan Kapoor Boring?

In a recent interview, Sonam Kapoor’s sibling and actor Harsh Varrdhan Kapoor spilled some deets into his personal life where he also shared that he does not like to stay in the limelight anymore and finds sharing gym looks pointless. He also jokingly said that he is a ‘boring guy’ that is why he does not have a girlfriend. But was that really just a joke?

For those of you who do not know, Sara Ali Khan dated Harsh Varrdhan Kapoor before she joined films. With her quirky social media presence and her seemingly honest personality, Sara seems like a fun person to be with. Obviously, Sara and Harsh have moved on with their respective lives but do you think Harsh pointed out at Sara when he said that he is boring as a person and no girl would find him interesting enough to date? Maybe or maybe not.

What do you think? Comment below.


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