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Did Shah Rukh Do Pathan To Extend His Career By Creating YRF’s SPY Universe?

A lot of conjecture has been made about why Shah Rukh Khan opted to do Yashraj’s Pathan to end his three year long hiatus post Zero. While a lot of fans hailed his choice for a comeback, a lot of people also raised some concerns on why he chose a film like Pathan and a filmmaker like Siddharth Anand.

He was reportedly in talks with a number of filmmakers including Raju Hirani, Atlee and more to do his comeback with him. Siddharth Anand however emerged from nowhere to direct Shah Rukh Khan in Pathan, which also stars John Abraham and Deepika Padukone. There are a lot of reasons to look at this and the most plausible one among them is YRF creating a SPY universe.

Let’s admit, Shah Rukh has had a rough last few years with a number of his films flopping one after the other. At this stage, what he really needed was a safe and successful commercial film under his belt to regain his lost mojo. Also, now that he’s identified that cinematic trends have changed in our country, he probably wanted to find the most fitting space that could accommodate him. Let’s face it, it’s not easy for any filmmaker to handle Shah Rukh’s stardom and do justice with it.

With Rohit Shetty launching his cop universe, Aditya Chopra was quick to invent his own SPY universe with Hrithik from War and Salman from Ek Tha Tiger joining the fray. While he needed a superstar like SRK to help him realise this dream of his, Shah Rukh needed something as colossal as this to make a comeback with. Also, Shah needed to look at something long term and becoming a part of a universe is probably a smarter move.

The likes of Robert Downey Jr have not only prolonged their careers but also added to their stardom by simply sticking with a studio and its universe. With Bollywood adapting to the same set up, it may be a good move on Shah Rukh’s part. However, in these unpredictable times, we really don’t know the mood of the audience.

So does this mean Shah Rukh has come to terms with his options being absolutely limited? Has he finally accepted that he would need something long term to keep functioning in the top league without having to make OTT appearances? Is he doing Pathan so he could his extend his career which at one point was looking seriously doubtful with consecutive big budget films going down slumping. What do you think, has he made absolutely the right choice?


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