Did Somi accidentally leak BLACKPINK's song?

Jeon Somi connected with her fans through Instagram Live on March 2, and eventually, she started roaming in the building of YG's subsidiary label, 'THE BLACK LABEL'. While looking for a place to do live streaming, she accidentally opened the door of a recording studio where someone was working on a song. A loud unknown song played in the background. The little snippet of the song was enough to make fans assume that it was sung by BLACKPINK's Jennie. However, Somi panicked and immediately closed the door.

She later said "I hope you guys didn't hear that." Soon, the whole Twitter was filled with the snippet of that song. Although Somi was shocked and panicked, BLINKs were thankful to Somi for providing hope regarding Blackpink's comeback. As it's already been more than one year, fans are eagerly waiting for new music. What are your predictions for Blackpink's upcoming album? Are you excited for it?