Did Space Sweepers take "Inspiration" from Guardians of the galaxy??

The upcoming movie Space Sweepers on Netflix and Guardians of the Galaxy by Marvel share an uncanny resemblance! The overall look of the spaceship is the same old rusted and unkempt. Song Joong Ki just like Chris Pratt seems like a wannabe money-grubbing human trying to be the captain of the ship. By the end he will have a soul changing experience just like Chris Pratt and save the day. Kim Tae Ri has the same indifferent attitude as Gomara, hopefully she doesn't have any daddy issues. Well of course they need an endearing element to cut down the harsh rustic vibe while we had Groot and Rocket Raccoon for the same reason, Space Sweepers have come up with a sweet little boy with powers and a robot boy! I hope the movie proves me wrong but that's quite unlikely..