Did Taapsee Pannu shoot this many movies in lockdown?

Allocating dates for actors is one task on their to-do list which never ends! But the most shocking time management I came across when I read that Taapsee actually managed to commit to 5 odd movies in lockdown! and not just that she actually successfully rescheduled all of it, because of the delay in one of them. she says - “I had committed to some five films before all that happened. I really wanted to make sure I’m able to give all of them the dates because a few of them were those who had waited for my dates, and who had planned their shoots according to when I gave it to them. When the whole situation happened, I was disappointed because I’d have to again push those many films. That was a big guilt trip I was on when my films were rescheduled. However, when I resumed, I resumed the entire dates diary on the basis of what I had committed before, in the same chronological order.”