Did “Tandav” Makers Needlessly Apologise?

Recently the director of the series “Tandav” Ali Abbas Zafar wrote an apology on his social media handle saying that the series had no intention to offend the sentiments of any individual, caste, community, race, religion etc; over the on going controversy that says the series has hurt the religious sentiments of few hindus and is promoting enmity on grounds of religion!The makers have been accused for mocking hindu gods.

First of all lets just take a moment to applaud the impeccable star cast, actors like Dimple Kapadia, Saif Ali Khan, Tigmanshu Dhulia have shown the audience why they perfectly fit in.

Now a series that includes politics, how can it not have a controversy attached to it! But as audience have we become so oversensitive in consuming different point of views these days?! Are we not open to the idea of taking a fictional show in a fictional way and enjoy it, instead of bringing such an outrage and hatred. If people keep judging every audiovisual or entertainment material on the basis of religion and caste, then India may not stand a chance to express anything openly because everything will always have some or the other religious sentiments attached to it.

The series is nothing but a great political masterpiece with an interesting storyline to it; involving religious point of view in it feels completely baseless and unnecessary in my opinion. What are your takes on this one ?