Did T.O.P just hint towards a BIGBANG's comeback?

BIGBANG fans are eagerly waiting for them to return, they were left disappointed when it was revealed that they are not part of the 2022 Coachella festival since fans were hoping for them to finally return to stage during this US music festival. Anyway, some rumours are again sparking on BIGBANG's comeback as T.O.P recent Instagram post hints towards it.

On January 19, T.O.P put up a picture of BIGBANG members on Instagram with the caption '#ilovemyband #ilovemyfans'. Fans didn't take much time before they began speculating about a possible comeback soon, the post became trending on Twitter. Fans also noticed some movement on G-Dragon's Weibo account as well and are hoping that some news will soon drop about their schedule.

Do you see any news coming on BIGABNG's highly anticipated comeback?