Did Vikas finally reveal the real reason he left Big Boss 14 ?

In tonight’s episode, Vikas Gupta finally revealed the problems he has faced in the last few years and the reason that he pushed Arshi in the pool and decided he would first leave the house. For the longest time, Arshi Khan has been targeting Vikas about his family issues and personal problems. To not reveals his life on national television, Vikas has shown a lot of strength. But he finally caves and decides it's better to come out with it rather than drag the truth on. He tells the housemates that he was deeply in debt and did not have money to take care of his parents. That is when he requested his parents to sell a property they own and use his share of the money for their treatment. He did not throw his mother out of the house but asked her to shift elsewhere due to money issues. What do you guys think about this?