Did you know - 3 Actresses were approached for 'Sultan' before Anushka Sharma?

Salman Khan's Sultan with Anushka Sharma as the leading lady was a very successful movie and earned crores at the box office. Anushka overshadowed Salman in many aspects in the movie, Salman's films don't really pay much attention to the actress but this film was an exception! Here are actresses that were approached before Anushka Sharma.

Kangana Ranaut - Kangana was the first choice for the movie but she passed on the role due to scheduling issues. But there were rumors that she passed on the role because she thought that role was of no importance. However, Anushka and her role were appreciated by everyone.

Katrina Kaif - It was said that Katrina was also considered for the role of the state champion Aarfa. I doubt Katrina would be convincing in such a regional role. I'm glad she didn't pick this role.

Parineeti Chopra - Apparently, Parineeti was also picked by Aditya Chopra for the role but as the talks passed, Anushka Sharma's confirmation had gone through.