Did you know about the Neeraj Pandey-Salman Khan film which never happened?

Salman Khan was originally offered a script by Neeraj Pandey. Zindabaad was the title of the film. This, like other of Neeraj's other endeavors, was based on worldwide terrorism. It has something to do with the Taliban and how the terrorist organization kidnaps the character played by Salman. The plot revolved around Salman's escape from the Taliban's captivity.

An industry insider said, “This seemed like a very promising subject. Neeraj Pandey has certain sensibilities and it is nice to see how he merges content with entertainment. His films like Special 26 (2013) and Baby (2015) were much loved. Special 26, in fact, gave a new direction to Akshay Kumar’s career. The same can be said about the Special Ops web series, created by Neeraj Pandey and which turned the tide for Kay Kay Menon. Who knows, if both had joined hands that too for such a large-scale subject, it could have hugely benefited both. Nevertheless, here’s hoping Zindabaad materializes someday.”