Did you know about these weird habits of bollywood stars ?

Well, being stars doesn’t mean you have to be perfect, even they are human beings after all. It is not just us commoners, who have weird habits but even our favourite Bollywood celebrities have some weird habits.

1) Kareena Kapoor Khan :- Our favourite Bollywood diva, Kareena Kapoor Khan has a weird habit of chewing nails. During ‘Veere Di wedding’ promotions her bff Sonam Kapoor stopped her many times from doing that. If you notice Kareena’s old interviews closely you will see how she constantly bites her nails.

2) Shah Ruk Khan :- SRK might be one of the richest actors of Bollywood, but he too possesses some really weird habits. He only takes off his shoes once a day. Another weird habit which has no logic is he hates getting clicked while having food.

3) Salman Khan :- The next Khan in this list with a weird set of habits is our very own Salman Bhaijaan. It may sound a bit absurd but he loves collecting soaps and boasts of a unique collection of soaps all gathered from different parts of the world. He is obsessed about smelling good all the time and ends up being the best smelling man on the sets. Salman even keeps napkins and tissues out of his sight.

4) Priyanka Chopra :- Girls would completely relate with PC on this one who has a fetish for shoes. She apparently owns a collection of over 100 pairs of designer shoes of all colours and brands. Brands like Louboutins is one her favourites and pointed-toe pumps is something she loves the most.

5) Vidya Balan :- Vidya Balan is the truest example of quintessential Indian woman. We have seen her wearing beautiful sarees in her movies as well in real life too. She loves to don herself in a saree. This actress has a huge collection of about 800-1000 sarees in her closet.

6) Rekha :- Rekha is another example of evergreen beauty in Bollywood who loves to adorn herself in a saree. But here not every saree is part of her closet it’s just the Kanjeevaram sarees. We surely love this veteran’s taste in selecting her sarees.

7) Preity Zinta :- Our dimple queen and ever so bubbly Preity Zinta is obsessed with clean bathrooms. Well I wouldn't call it a weird habit but a good one for sure. She loves to keep the bathroom spick and span after using it and checks a bathroom’s cleanliness even before she check-in in a hotel.

Did you find any of your companion in weird habits ?