Did you know Akshay Kumar's silence on the Farmer's Protest led to Bell Bottom's failure at the Box Office?

Akshay Kumar starrer Bell Bottom had the perfect recipe to be a winner at the box office. Despite the film not being able to get a theatrical release in Maharashtra, the film did get a decent number of screes across the country. But still it under-performed terribly at the box office.

Now if we look closely, almost everything was going well for the film. Lara's comeback with her viral Indira Gandhi look, the cast and the exciting plot, along with trendy soundtrack, the makers expected the movie to mark the return of the audiences into the theaters but they misinterpreted one major factor- Akshay Kumar's fanbase.

Those very fans who were always loyal and supportive to Akshay Kumar turned into haters over the latter's silence on the farmer's protest. Reportedly a group of farmers even pleaded to Akshay outside his house in Mumbai when the protest was at its peak but got so response from him.

As a result of which not only is the farmer's union boycotting Bell Bottom but also shamed people and protested outside the movie theaters and that caused the movie to fall at the Box office.


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