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Did You Know That Ali Fazal’s Role In '3 Idiots' Led Him To Depression?

Actor Ali Fazal has revealed that he went into a depression after appearing in the 2009 film '3 Idiots'. While the film was a widely loved and appreciated by all, Ali suffered the downside of his personal and professional life due to his character of 'Joy Lobo' that he played in the film, which nearly crushed him because his story seemed to mirror a tragic real-life incident.

In an interview Ali said, "I slipped into depression when I started with 3 Idiots. I played a small role in it. Do you know what happened? Suddenly they were doing some news pieces, not to sound morbid or anything but at that time, some college students had harmed themselves, and then I got a call from some news channel saying, ‘Sir, you’ve played this role and this is exactly what has happened. How do you feel about it?’ and I was crushed at that point. I was naive, I was in my second year of college. I went into depression and I told Raju sir and all these people and they said, ‘please don’t do this. Tell them to talk to the producer and don’t feel like this'." "Obviously, they were very sweet about it and I used to suddenly start associating that I couldn’t explain much in a small role. I wish and hope I get a big role so that then I can take them through the whole journey and tell you no, this is not what I meant to do. I didn’t mean to hurt anybody. Of course, it was coming from a very naive place," Ali added.


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