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Did you know Amitabh Bachchan had yelled at Jaya Bachchan?

Last week or so, I saw a bunch of posts about how bad and short-tempered Jaya Bachchan is. Some were quick to judge and started feeling sorry for Amitabh Bachchan. Well here is a flip side to their coin. In his book 'Devils Advocate - The Inside Story', journalist Karan Thapar mentioned an incident when Big B yelled at Jaya in front of Karan and his crew.


Back in the day, Karan was interviewing Amitabh and asked him about his alleged affairs and relationships. "They say you've had an affair with Parveen Babi. Is there any truth to that story?" Thapar asked, to which Bachchan replied, "No. I too have read such stories. They're not true. But I can't stop magazines writing this sort of stuff."


Karan then asked about Rekha to which Amitabh said  "No, not even with her." Thapar then questioned Jaya if she believed him, to which a calm Jaya had said, "I always believe my husband." After this, the interview ended and Amitabh invited him for lunch where Jaya offered Amitabh some rice.


Amitabh lashed out at her, "You know I never eat rice. Why are you offering me something I never have?" To that Jaya tried to explain why she offered rice because the rotis were still being made, Amitabh raged at her again, "I don't want rice! I never have rice and you know that. I'm not complaining that the rotis haven't come, but stop offering me rice instead. I've said I don't want rice and I'm happy to wait for the rotis. Can't you understand that? What's the matter with you? Why can't you just listen to what I'm saying?"


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