Did You Know That Dia Mirza Was Rejected By Multiple Filmmakers For Being 'Too Pretty'?

Beauty judgments are by far, too many and while we think that light-skinned women have no criticism to deal with, well we’re highly mistaken. Bollywood actress and beauty pageant winner, Dia Mirza, is one of the most talented and charming individuals of Bollywood, her career has been one hell of a roller coaster ride and she surely has come a long way since then.

But all this success and popularity didn't come easy for the superstar, who has faced a fair share of rejections during her time. The superstar was criticised and rejected by multiple filmmaker’s for being ‘too pretty’ to do the job. That’s probably something highly unusual because when we talk about beauty standards in the society, fair and beautiful are more or less the only boxes that needs to be filled.

So what does this say about our society? It’s all social conditioning and it goes straight back to the fact that we keep identifying people and putting them into a box when everyone is capable of doing so much more than we ever expect. Why should we be labelled as 'too pretty' or 'too ugly', aren’t we as human beings much more than just that? When will we rise above the beauty standards set by our community and focus on the bigger picture? Will that change come soon, what are your views on it?