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Did you know Jackie Shroff once went Bankrupt?

Recently, Jackie opened up about the financial crisis that his family experienced after the movie 'Boom.'

Shroff had to sell his house and worked day and night to pay off the debts.

Even Tiger had spoken about the aftermath of the failure faced by his family. Jackie worked hard and paid everyone he owed. He added that 'Up's and downs are common in business, it is not necessary that it's always going to stay up, but you need to know how to keep your sanity and ethics.'

It's very commendable of Jackie to talk about his failure and how he overcame his dark days. I really appreciate him for never giving up nature, it's so inspiring that even though he lost so much, he was able to get back on his feet and make a living for himself and his family.

What do you think of his story? Did you know he went bankrupt?


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