Did you know that Karan Johar once advised Aditya Chopra against casting Ranveer Singh for 'Band Baaja Baaraat'

Ranveer Singh might have been the "safest bet" for Karan Johar in current times but this hasn't always been the case. Not many know that Karan Johar actually warned Aditya Chopra to not cast Ranveer Singh in his debut film 'Band Baaja Baaraat'.

While today Karan finds Ranveer stylish enough to cast him in his upcoming directorial venture 'Rocky Aur Raani Ki Prem Kahani' also starring Alia Bhatt but a decade ago he found him not worthy enough to be a star, because he didn't look a certain way. In a 2010 edition of Koffee With Karan, he apparaently admitted to doubting Aditya Chopra’s faith in Ranveer Singh as the lead of Band Baaja Baaraat. He even advised Aditya against casting Ranveer because of his looks.

Karan talked about an incident when he was in the Yash Raj Films studio to have lunch with Aditya and Yash Johar, and there he saw Ranveer for the first time, playing table tennis. Initially he mistook Ranveer for an assistant director but was informed later that he was the ‘new boy in Band Baaja Baaraat’.Karan recalled saying, ‘He is in Band Baaja Baaraat?’ Adi said, ‘He is a really good actor, you have no idea how good he is,' to which Karan replied, ‘It doesn't matter, but he looks like this’,” Ranveer got upset hearing this and left.

One can surely say that today Karan badly needs Ranveer's stardom to get back his public reputation and survive. But can you just imagine if Aditya would have considered the advice of Karan Johar a decade ago?