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Did you know, Katrina Kaif was on the cover of a magazine embedded with gold and diamonds?

In 2008, Bharat actress Katrina Kaif was on the cover of limited edition of a magazine called Kohl. The magazine had partnered with a jewellery brand, Damas. It was covered with 91 grams of gold and 622 diamonds. It was a special edition worth $10,000 and was used for a good cause. The magazine was autioned for a Pediatric Therapy Center in 2008. This Katrina's photo was captured by celebrity photographer, Ashutosh Gowarikar. This Gold Kohl projected also recognised the value of the Asian communities in UAE. This special magazine edition was released on 24th June, 2008 at a Mall in Emirates. This is apparently the most expensive magazine in the world. Well, I never knew that Kat was a part of something this big and special. Aren't you surprised?


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