Did you know Neetu Kapoor also conceived her first baby Riddhima in the first year of marriage?

Yes!! Neetu Kapoor had her first baby, Riddhima during her first year of marriage. As a mother, Neetu Kapoor was obsessed with her kids and she has also mentioned how her friends left her at times because she was too involved with her kids. She said that her world revolved around them and she even lost many of her friends as they felt she had become 'too boring'.We can totally understand what kind of life Neetu Ji wanted to give to her kids!

In an interview she had mentioned -  "I was an obsessed mother. I was so obsessed that I forgot the world for the first maybe 10 years. My friends left me, they thought I have become very boring. I had to drop them to school, pick them up… I was that crazy. I had to be home when they were there so I just didn't meet anyone."