Did you know "Our Beloved Summer" writer had a different ending in mind for the drama?

MBC's slice-of-life romance drama "Our Beloved Summer" turned out to be a huge hit worldwide and resonated with many young viewers. The Choi Woo-shik and Kim Da-mi starrer continued to stay in the Top 10 most-watched dramas in many countries. Recently, the writer Lee Na-eun shared her experiences and inspiration for the drama. During the interview, she shared that she had a different ending in mind.

The drama originally ended with the two leads ending up getting married, however, what the writer actually had in her mind was not that. She said, "At first, I thought that this ending might be childish or cheesy," hence, she opposed giving a perfect ending where the two get hitched and end up living a happily ever after.

Although she further added what made her change her idea, "As I was writing, I started to feel like I just wanted Woong and Yeon Soo to be happy. I wanted to give the viewers, who had suffered following along [with the two characters] up until then, laughter and hope. So I ended the drama with them as a married couple." The writer also shared that she had Choi Woo-shik in her mind all along while writing the character Choi Woong, but she had no idea that the "Parasite" actor will actually end up portraying the character, that too flawlessly.

What do you think had the ending been any different, would you have enjoyed it?