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Did you know - Sanjay Kapur put these 7 shocking allegations on Karisma Kapoor?

Karisma and Sanjay got married in 2003 but started facing troubles in their marriage very soon. She left Sanjay's place in Delhi in 2010 and moved to Mumbai permanently. They broke their marriage and filed for divorce in 2014 on mutual consent.

According to a report, Sanjay accused Karisma of these things :

1) She married him for money in a calculated and clinical manner.

2) She married him on the rebound after her breakup with Abhishek Bachchan.

3) Karisma failed not only as a wife and daughter-in-law but also as a mother.

4) She used their kids as pawns and didn't let them meet the Kapur family to claim more money.

5) Cruelly depriving his ailing father of meeting his grandchildren.

6) Using her PR Team to show Sanjay as a cheating husband and his family in a bad light.

7) Choosing her career over family and refusing to live in Delhi even when he requested her to come back.


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