Did you know these celebrities literally won the battle against death?

Films are a work of fiction and the writer has the power to change the storyline whenever they want. The actors can take rebirth, wake up from coma suddenly after 20 years or can easily be saved from a deadly disease but reality is far more different.

Here is a list of bollywood celebs who have survived from a deadly disease in real life and emerged out of it with victory.

The list includes Sonali Bendre with high grade cancer, Lisa Ray with multiple myeloma, Tahira Kashyap with breast cancer, Manisha Koirala with ovarian cancer, Amitabh Bachchan with Splenic rupture and myasthenia Gravis, Rajnikanth with Emesis, Hritik Roshan with Brain clot and Anurag Basu with Blood cancer.

The stories of all these stars fighting with such lethal diseases is truly inspiring and powerful. While all I can do is to hope that anyone who is currently suffering from any of such lethal diseases get all the power to be strong and fight with the disease and come out of it victoriously.