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Did you know these facts about 'The Crown'?

The Crown has been touted as one of the most talked-about shows in recent times as it takes us to the inside of the Royal Family. The show spans through the story of generations to generations in the royal family, thus making it fascinating for the viewers out there. But the show starts with a line that says, ‘this is a work of fiction’ and we wonder how.

So, here I present you some facts that you might not be knowing about the celebrated series.

Prince Philip never really had a problem kneeling for the queen

Apparently, Prince Philip never felt uncomfortable with kneeling for his wife, the queen. This comes as a pleasant surprise because, in the episode, this is shown otherwise.

The Queen was very much in favor of Princess Margaret’s wedding to Peter Townsend

Yes. Contradicting to what was shown on-screen, the queen never opposed Princess Margaret marrying Peter Townsend. It was later the princess herself who decided to part ways with Townsend.

We may never get a glimpse of the current generation of royals.

When asked about the upcoming seasons, producer Suzanne Mackie insisted that a season about the current generation may never find its light.


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