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Did You Know That These Famous Bollywood Celebrities Adopted Children And Stood Up Against The Societal Norms?

These popular Bollywood celebrities have adopted children and stood up against all the stereotypes and stigma surrounding adoption. All these celebrities have inspired many and proved that children are god’s gift and it does not matter whether they are biological or not. 1.Mithun Chakraborty-When the Bollywood superstar got to know about a girl child who was abandoned near a dustbin, Mithun Chakraborty and his wife immediately made the decision to adopt the baby and name her Dishani. The couple raised her along with their three other biological children. Dishani is all set to make her debut in Bollywood and is currently enrolled at the New York film academy.

2.Salim Khan-Salim Khan and his wife(Helen or Salma, unknown) spotted a baby later named Arpita Khan, crying on the street and decided to adopt her. Today, Arpita Khan is well known in the industry as Salman Khan’s favourite sibling.

3. Raveena Tandon-Raveena Tandon broke many stereotypes when she decided to become a single mother and adopt two girls, Chhaya(8) and Pooja(11). She stood up against all the people who questioned her for adopting without marriage. She then got married in 2004 and has two more biological children.

4.Sushmita Sen-The inspiring actress and former Miss Universe is a proud single mother of two beautiful girls. Sushmita Sen followed the footsteps of Raveena Tandon and fought a difficult legal battle to adopt Renee when she was just 25 years old and Alisah in 2010. Sen is constantly sharing beautiful photos of her daughters on her social media handles.

5.Sunny Leone-The actress and her husband adopted a little girl named Nisha from an orphanage in 2016. The couple also welcomed twin boys through Surrogacy and are a big happy family. Times are different now and the actress’s decision was highly appreciated instead of criticised.


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