Did You Know That Zendaya Refused Her First On-Screen Kiss?

Global star Zendaya who has recently proved to be the centre of attention, recently recalled and opened up about her early days of acting career. The Emmy winner starred on the 2010 American sitcom, Shake it up, where she recently revealed that in one of the scenes of the disney show, she had to kiss the lead actor but she denied to do so. Her character by choice kissed the other character on the cheek instead. This could reportedly have been her first on-camera kiss.

The star stated that she hadn't been kissed by anyone before this and she definitely didn't want her firsts to be on camera. This was conceivable as she was 14 on this show and took this step quite prudently.

We highly support and respect this decision of globan sensation as it is because of this spark of sensibility that she has not only proven to be highly successful but also gained the admiration from people worldwide. Do you think the actresses around globe get to learn from her quality of remaining committed to both her personal and professional life?