Did you notice this in MS Dhoni?!

This one is from the biopic of Ms Dhoni.

MsDhoni-The Untold Story Remember Santosh?

The guy who taught Ms dhoni helicopter shot. He is also shown in the movie. He was his best friend of Dhoni and he had a big role in Mahi's life. They used to play tennis ball cricket together.

So the thing is Santosh died in 2013. It hasn't been shown in the movie because the movie is only till 2011. Now they could not show his death as it happened in 2013 but they have shown his drinking habit a couple of times in the movie. Which is the only reason for his death. Once he was also scolded by Dhoni on phone and in one of the scenes he also warns Santosh that "If I see you drinking again, I won't talk to you".

When I saw the movie I wanted to know why he's shown as a drunken man who drinks so much and why Dhoni scolds him for this. I mean it wasn't really important for us to know that. Then I browsed about it a bit and came to know that he's not anymore. Then I realized how nicely they have blended these scenes in the movie. Without even telling anything, they actually told a lot.