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Did you watch Haseen Dillruba? Then check out these 5 movies that have deadly love triangles

Vinil Mathew's directorial flick Haseen Dillruba deals with love, adultery, and we saw a love triangle blossom between Rani (Taapsee Pannu), Rishu (Vikrant Massey), and Neel (Harshvardhan Rane). Here are 5 Hollywood movies that are underrated but have an epic impact on deadly love triangles.


Vanilla Sky

Tom Cruise as David Aames cheats on his girlfriend with a woman and falls in love with her in the movie Vanilla Sky. When his girlfriend, out of jealousy, hits David's car and dies, things start to happen differently. David gets away with a scar, but the trauma starts haunting him. Watch this thriller on Vudu.


The Great Gatsby

An American Classic starring Leonardo Di Caprio is based on a novel. The movie has a unique way of delivering the content to the audience. The treatment and the story flow are amazing. It tells how love can destroy everything. Watch it on Youtube.


Cruel Intentions

Starts with a bet among two step-siblings to get a girl's virginity turns to cruel intentions; watch this thrilling love triangle on Vudu. It might change your perspective on love and rom-com.


Match Point

An intertwined murder mystery thriller that revolves around a love triangle, lust, deceit, jealousy, and layers of emotions. Watch this on Vudu.


Fatal Attraction

I cannot end this list without mentioning this movie. Fatal Attraction has too many twists and turns. To know how the hell breaks loose, watch it on Hulu.


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