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The difference between an ‘Item song’ and a regular song with a main female dancer/actress dancing.

I just want to say off the bat, I don’t agree with using the term ‘item song’ to address these songs, but for the sake of easier/better communication, I’ll stick with it. So a lot of times people confuse the two. Some people, even on here, say stuff like ‘Nadiyon Paar’ in Roohi is an ‘item song’. Which I don’t really agree with, I see it as a song with just a female lead dancing in it, it doesn’t objectify women with its lyrics etc. Same with other songs, like I wouldn’t consider ‘Sheila Ki Jawani’ and ‘item song’ either.. I think in ‘Sheila Ki Jawani’ she’s singing about how she’s too good for everyone and you aren’t getting it, which I find confident and her just saying it how it is. Yes the random dudes staring at her nonstop were weird and like creepy. Yes the random entry of Akshay and the line he says in it as well is annoying and maybe even problematic. But in the song itself, I feel she just doesn’t give a damn about them or anyone else. She doesn’t care who you are or what you think, she’s confident in herself and is singing it out load. I don’t feel this counts as an ‘item song’ honestly. What do you think?


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