Still confused how AHA and BHA work wand which one is suitable for you? Check this out!

All exfoliators work by acting as unglue to break the bonds holding dull dead skin on the surface, once these bonds are broken our skin naturally sheds those old dead skin.

AHA works by exfoliating the surface of skin. It has been shown to build collagen. It is a water soluble ingredient (hydrophilic). It has humectant qualities and tend to moisturise skin making it great for dry skin type.They increase photosensitivity to sun so always use it at night and follow up with a sunscreen at morning. It is sometimes not tolerated by certain skins. It is very useful in treating hyperpigmentation.

BHA work by exfoliating not just the upper layer but also deep inside pore. It is shown to reduce inflammation. It is fat/oil soluble (lipophilic).It has anti bacterial properties and helps in regulating sebum production making it a boon for oily skin. It doesn't make skin photosensitive so it can used during day too but no matter what always always use sunscreen during day. BHA is well tolerated by most skin (as it has molecular size slightly larger than AHA's). BHA also is shown to stimulate collagen. It helps a lot in clearing acne, blackheads and whiteheads. It tends to dry out skin so always moisturise well.

Exfoliators are meant to be used a maximum of only 2-3times a week. Never over do it as it will damage your skin barrier. Always use sunscreen