Diljit Dosanjh asks his fan to change his mindset on Twitter!

Diljit Dosanjh once again has proven that he won't hold back from making himself heard on social media. Currently, the actor-singer uploaded a video of his putting petrol in his car on his own when he was in a foreign country on Twitter.

A fan of his commented in Punjabi saying "There (overseas), you have to fill your car’s gas tank yourself. What’s the use if there is so much shortage (of people) there. You (being Diljit Dosanjh) should have 2-4 guys at your service for such things. Rest, don’t take offence to what I said.”

after reading the comment himself Diljit replied in Punjabi saying, " Mama…it’s about the mindset. This mindset makes a task big or small. Change your mindset brother. This is the same mindset which neither makes you happy nor let anyone else be happy. It’s said about people like you – that what will people think. Don’t be angry brother.”

It was an epic answer our Diljit Paji gave to this person don't you think, especially the last line!