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Is diplomacy more important than self-worth in Bollywood?

Priyanka Chopra Jonas, who mentioned in her book that one of the directors had asked her to undress! she says that she chose not to disclose the name of the director for a particular reason! let's see what it is, Priyanka explained why she didn’t name the filmmaker. She said: “I was a newcomer in a patriarchal industry and I’d learned that it was better not to poke the bear. Keep your head down and keep smiling was the rule for the girls, and I was already pushing the boundaries.” She continued: “So rather than explaining what had happened, I told him I’d misunderstood the character and wasn’t comfortable playing her, and that I’d send a cheque to reimburse them for the two days they’d have to reshoot with someone else.”

Now if we see this story from another angle PCJ slightly chose the safe way. It makes me question that are the actors pushed to tilt towards sacrificing their self-worth to save their career and that also means giving away a part of your respect?


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