Is Director Sukumar biting more than he can chew?

Anyone who knows even a little bit about contemporary Telugu cinema knows the name Sukumar. He is an extremely successful director who has made many SuperHits such as Rangasthalam (2018), Nannaku Prematho (2016), Nenokkadine (2014), 100% Love (2011) and Arya (2004) to name a few. He works with only the Top Tier actors.

After the massive success of the high-budget film Rangasthalam, which starred Ramcharan, Samantha, Adi Pinnishetty, Jagapathi Babu and Prakash Raj in lead roles, Director Sukumar seems to have taken on a number of high budget projects. The director is not only directing huge films with expensive actors such as Allu Arjun and Vijay Deverakonda but also producing big films.

This is during and despite the losses which plagued the entire Film Industry in 2020 due to the Coronavirus outbreak. In such a situation, one might wonder whether he is biting more than he can chew. How is he so sure that his big films will work, and how is he going on a signing spree, despite all the uncertainty in business that the pandemic has brought about?

The two possibilities which might prop up are either that Sukumar has some secret formula which he is confident will work, or he has fixed a deal with the future. Either way, we can only hope for the best for him and look forward to watching Pushpa (director) and Uppena (producer) in 2021, and his collaboration with Vijay Deverakonda in 2022.