'The Disciple' is out on Netflix: Here's what you can expect

'The Disciple' is a Marathi film directed by Chaitanya Tamhane, an excellent filmmaker-in-the-making, this being only her second film. It stars Marathi actors Aditya Modak, Ashwini Kulkarni, Sumitra Bhave and Arun Dravid.

The film can be called anything but light-hearted. It is extremely intense, leaving very little room for a joke or a light-hearted conversation to creep in. It's a complex, emotionally stirring film with deep complexities flooding every scene, interaction and action. Whilst being full of Indian classical music, the movie tries to quash stereotypes of Indian Classical Music being 'soothing'. Instead, it seems to emphasize that this music is produced by those who choose to be lonely and hungry, such that their longing and hunger is reflected in their music authentically.

While covering a range of complexities about lineage, purpose in life and meaning in acts, the film leaves you drained as an audience. However, it is also good evidence of the thoroughly nurtured creative energies of the cast and the director Chaitanya Tamhane.