Discuss: Nargis Fakhri calling Bollywood 'unsafe' after all these years! Why now?

Her recent interview has sparked a new controversy now as she has revealed a lot of dirty secrets from the past. First being her relationship with Uday Chopra which, again, she blamed it upon the industry that "people" told her to keep quiet about it. Secondly she said that she found Bollywood "unsafe" and "unprofessional" to work which is why she finally decided to leave, "There are so many stories. It was extremely difficult and I faced many obstacles. Thank goodness for my agency who helped me navigate things. Besides intense workshops in Hindi and dance classes and tons of shoots and meetings, there were also times I encountered humans that behave in unprofessional ways. That made it difficult to feel safe at times.

It was hard to fit in and I actually don’t think I ever did “fit” in. I had to work harder than most because I did not come from a background in film and I came from an entirely different culture."

And now when she's finally making a comeback with a new movie that she has shot with both Anupam Kher and Neena Gupta, the Rockstar actress has started opening up her past secrets which initially she denied.

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