Discuss: Shahrukh Khan Could Learn A Lot From The Way Shilpa Shetty Handled Her Social Media Trials

Shahrukh Khan has been facing several social media trails lately, from fans judging his parenthood to brands leaving him out of promotions, as his son Aryan Khan remains in Judicial custody on charges of drug consumption. And if one would remember correctly, Shilpa Shetty was on the forefront of similar social media trials recently, with people passing all sorts of judgement on her and holding her responsible for the actions of her husband Raj Kundra after the latter was caught in an alleged porn production controversy.

The incident at that time shook Shilpa Shetty so much that she quit her job, stopped all media interactions and even her social media presence became null. But slowly, she started getting back at things in a way no one actually expected. And even though she hasn't personally addressed her husband's controversy, she has made it really clear that she isn't supposed to and she won't allow anybody to put her down because of somebody else's actions which haven't actually been proved yet!

And well, that has fared really well in her favor. Shilpa's popularity has only grown since then and the trolls have somehow disappeared.

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