DISCUSS: Thoughts on the Teaser of HBO Max's Gossip Girl Reboot!

I have been firmly against the remake of Gossip Girl ever since they made the announcement. To be very honest, the original Gossip Girl’s terrible ending ruined the entire show for me and it was also one of the major reasons I'm so against the reboot.

However, I still wanted to give the remake a chance since it is being executively produced by the original creators. The teaser of the show looks interesting. I believe that they tried to make the show more intense and darker this time. I also really hope that they changed the ending. Imagine watching the entire show and then getting disappointed again after finding out that Dan was GG from the start.

The cast of the show have the looks, if they have talent or not is yet to be determined. None of the actors stood out to me but they all looked decent.

The only thing that has gotten me excited for the show is the return of Kristen Bell as the narrator. Who can the iconic dialogue “XO XO Gossip Girl” in Kristen’s voice?

What do you think? What are your thoughts on the teaser of Gossip Girl Reboot? Comment down below!