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Disha Patani should choose films with more meaningful roles now, here's why

Recently, the trailer of Salman Khan starrer 'Radhe' was released. Quite obviously, it was Salman all over the place with a moment or two for its lead actress Disha Patani. Its also obvious that she will only have a handful of scenes that will require her to look beautiful in 'Radhe.' Disha has been a part of Bollywood for five years now and she is still to give a remarkable performance. In her last outing, 'Malang', her bikini scene was more talked about than her acting chops. Disha enjoys a massive fan following on social media and has a decent fanbase. Its high time for her to take some professional decisions that will propel her career in Bollywood. That can only happen with choosing scripts that have meaty and more meaningful roles, and not just love interest or eye candy. The industry, which anyway is biased towards female actors regarding their shelf life, has had exceptions like Tabu only because she was able to stand out from the crowd with her amazing performances. Disha will have to aspire to do the same if she wants to survive longer in Bollywood.


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